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    A Worldwide Supplier of
    IVD Test Kits and Unilatex Condoms
    Veltest Biotech Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore based company, well known for R&D,
    Design, marketing and as an International exporter of in Vitro diagnostic test kits and Condoms.
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    HCG Pregnancy Test
    Fertility Tests
    Qualitative results in 1 to 5 minutes. More than 99% accurate.
    3 types: Midstream, Cassette and Strip formats.
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    Strips, Cassettes and Multipanels
    Drug of Abuse Test
    For the Professional use & for the OTC market (consumer).
    Having successfully completed the CE marking.
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    Innovation and healthcare
    We supply OEM
    Private labels for sanitary products around the world, through
    partnerships in manufacturing under the most strict conditions.

Tests Kits to make diagnosis of various diseases simpler, faster and more affordable

Strictly designed

Our manufacturing processes are strictly designed according to the guidelines of the ISO 13485 and ISO 9001.

5 different groups

High standard materials, advanced producing technology, all these help to assure the high quality of our test kits.

In more than 60 countries

Our mission is to provide quality products at competitive prices and in a timely manner.

In Vitro Diagnostic Test Kits quality products at competitive prices

Every client is unique why choose our Tests?

  • R&D, Design & Marketing

    R&D, Design & Marketing

  • Innovation & Healthcare

    Innovation & Healthcare

  • International Exporter

    International Exporter of Test Kits

  • We Supply OEM (Private Labels)

  • Products With the CE Mark

  • High standard materials

Why choose our tests?

We supply OEM (private labels) our featured test kits

  • HCG Pregnancy Test
    HCG Pregnancy Test is a self-testing immunoassay made for the rapid, visual and qualitative [...]

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  • Drugs of abuse test
    This one-step test requires no additional instrumentation and results are easy to read. This highly sensitive [...]

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  • Hepatitis B Test
    There are many variations pasages lpsum available but in the majority have suffered alteration [...]

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  • hiv test
    This test is a single use, rapid device intended for qualitative detection of antibodies to Human [...]

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  • Malaria Test
    Malaria Test is a chromatographic immunoassay for the rapid qualitative determination of Pf-Pv [...]

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  • Fsh menopause test
    Menopause is defined as the absence of menstrual periods for 12 months. It is the time in a woman's [...]

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We supply OEM (private labels) for sanitary products and Unilatex Condoms around the World.  Our manufacturing processes are strictly designed according to the guidelines of the ISO 13485 and ISO 9001.
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